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Welcome to The Agnostic Forum!

If you are an agnostic or anyone else that is tired of discussions that become too political, polarizing, and partisan then this is the place for you.

What to expect:

1. Our forum is primarily for agnostics but we invite all others (atheists, Christians, etc.) to join.
2. We're a place for discussion and/or debate on various topics, like politics, religion, science, etc.
3. We're also a place that promotes an environment that is non-partisan, freethinking, and open-minded.

For more information, visit our About us section.

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    Oct 3, 2020
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Just watched Morbius on Disney + streaming. A vampire like story but part of Marvel. A lil scary for the kids, but everyone enjoyed it at my house.
Going out tonight to go see Dune 2. It's a 3 hour movie... it better be good..
Anyone seen Dune? I'm trying to decide on an action movie to watch.
AgnosticBoy wrote on Scooter's profile.
Nice profile background!
I'm not the biggest Kansas City Chief fan, but I'm going for them for this Super Bowl. Go Chiefs!