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Welcome to The Agnostic Forum (TAF).

My introduction
Hello, and thanks for visiting my site. Online I go by Aaron or AgnosticBoy so feel free to refer to me by either name. I am a passionate agnostic that loves to discuss religion, politics, skepticism, and many other topics. I decided to start my own forum after years of participating on other discussion sites. Most of the people that know me would probably say that I'm an open-minded skeptic.

On a more personal note, I'm currently in school majoring in psychology. Eventhough I refer to myself as AgnosticBoy but I can assure you I am over 18 y/o so you can trust me driving this site. That is it for now.

About the Site
I chose to name my site The Agnostic Forum because I wanted to be a place for discussion and debate and to have that take place under some agnostic themes, such as non-partisanship, freethinking, and open-mindedness. These principles are all part of what Thomas Huxley advocated for when he came up with agnosticism. I'll go into more detail about how I've tailored the forum to embody each of these principles. Keep in mind, that these 3 principles should be considered together and not in isolation.

I feel that personal views or beliefs are oftentimes not valued on other sites because of the many skeptics that tend to dismiss them or hound members with demands for proof. That type of skepticism will not be allowed on this forum. I don't want to encourage just any loony idea but I also don't want to discourage any insightful views or beliefs just because it is not proven.

Being a freethinker involves forming your views on the basis of reason and evidence alone. This is the easiest principle to implement on the forum because most should expect for debate to be about logic and evidence. With that said, there are debate guidelines in place to ensure that the views being offered as truth are supported by logic and evidence.

Guidelines will be in place to help ensure that discussions do not become too partisan, political, and polarizing. I've been on too many sites where it feels like it's dominated by just one side, and you get attacked when you deviate from their orthodoxy. I believe that having a non-partisan/agnostic admin, like myself, will help set the tone for a nonpartisan environment.

The next post provides answers to some questions that new members or those looking to join might have.
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Here are some helpful answers to questions that some might have when looking to join:

1. Do I have to be an agnostic to join?
No. I allow everyone of any belief and background to join and to share their views. Also, your views don't have to be agnostic, moderate, or involve some uncertainty. If you are certain (or even uncertain) of something, then you can discuss it or debate it with others. The "agnostic" part in the forum title is mainly about the theme. Our rules and guidelines embody the agnostic theme by helping to ensure that discussions are centered on logic and evidence and not popularity, taking sides, political spin, etc.

2. Will I find the answers I'm looking for on this forum?
Perhaps some might join our forum looking for answers that might help them explain or express their evolution from traditional religion. I will say that this forum is not about advocating for anyone to be religious or non-religious. The answers and perspectives on the forum will vary since I allow members of all stripes to join.

However, I do have a section just for agnostics and there you'll find the agnostic perspective on a lot of different topics. Even in that section you shouldn't expect for everyone to have similar views, but I hope that people will at least notice some of the shared ways that agnostics search for answers. For many agnostics, the journey, and how they go about it, may be more or just as important as getting the answers.
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