I like a good debate. Debate helps to sharpen critical thinking skills and it can help reveal the flaws or strengths of someone's position.

However, when it comes to debating politics, I tend to see a common tactic which is "shaming". Here's a definition for 'shaming" according to Merriam-Webster:
" the act or activity of subjecting someone to shame, disgrace, humiliation, or disrepute especially by public exposure or criticism".

Nowadays, I noticed that when someone offers a view in a debate, there's always someone or some group who are quick to vilify them. This vilifying or shaming can involve name calling (calling someone a racist or a bigot of some sort), trying to get them cancelled from businesses, social bullying, etc. In my view, if someone says something wrong, I'm only interested in presenting logic and evidence showing why a view is wrong. That's what the focus should be on in a debate.

But I guess for some, it isn't enough to just show the person that their view is wrong. Or perhaps 'shaming' is sometimes used to disrupt a debate or silence someone. You can't disprove someone's view, but you still don't like it, so shame him or her!

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