This is a bit late, but I felt it necessary to bring up biased points that I've encountered while debating on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. This type of thinking tends to sprang up for any polarizing issue.

1. Leaving out context to the point that it paints a misleading picture.
Example: Several times I've heard some on the pro-Palestinian side claim that Israel is bombing women and children while failing to bring up context. That makes it seem as though Israel is deliberately targeting civilians. I've countered this by pointing out that there is a difference between collateral damage and deliberately targeting civilians, especially when terrorists use civilians as human shields.

2. Painting all pro-Palestinian supporters as Hamas supporters.
Example: On several debates I've seen in the media, an opponent tries to restrict someone from talking about the Palestinian side by associating that with support for Hamas. While it's true that some in the pro-Palestinian side also support Hamas, but not all do, and some do make effort to distinguish themselves from that.

I'll add more as I review my past debates or if I have any other debates.