Thanks to conversations I've seen between William and Open Ai's chatgpt, I finally got around to using that Ai chat myself. I'm really surprised at how good it is and its responses, including on its ability to generate good images (image generation goes with a paid subscription). But more relevant to this forum and even content creation, I wonder if much effort is required by us humans to be creative and to even debate if Ai programs like Chatgpt can do all of that for you to a good degree. The negatives I can get from this is that we'll be using our brains less and become more dependent on Ai to do the work for us.

Interestingly, in another forum, someone accused me of just copy/pasting from Chat gpt, although I didn't do that at that time. I took it as a compliment because I assumed the accusation was made because my post was well organized and informative. But the member accusing me probably thought of it as a negative.

For Debate:
1. Would it be bad to become too overdependent on Ai? Will that make us lazy or disincentivize us from using our brains?
2. What can be done to mitigate any of these problems?