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  • I'm single, originally from NH and when my husband of 26 yrs passed from kidney cancer age 54 i left the state I lived in all my life but I couldn't do snow anymore or cold. I lived in FL for 10 yrs but the humidity was ferocious some days had 100% humidity and for a NH person that means it's raining out. Not in FL it means you still get as wet as if it did rain but it didn't.
    Since 1985 we owned 7 German shepherds. I purchased 3 and the rest were given to us because they had no home. Once my husband passed I had 4 dogs left over 8 yrs old. That sucked. I only had one left when I moved to FL. I also fostered puppies for rescue groups and kittens for shelters even when I lived in FL. My husband had a really good job and during the week he did that, then at night he was the towns animal control officer and all the daytime ones quit. He asked me to do it. I said "What if I have to kill someone?" He asked "Who the heck you gonna kill?" I said people who don't take care of their animals. He told me if any work was beyond my emotional happiness let him do it. So I did.
    I have a BA in art but after 20 yrs doing that I began writing. I have 2 books on Amazon. One is called Backyard Dog and the other is All For the Love of Dog. I couldn't put an S on the end it was already taken. You'd need to add by Ilona Benzel to the title to find them. I wrote 3 other books but would rather concentrate on those 2. I have forgotten more about dogs than most people know. RIght now I have a 1 yo West German showline male (he needs to be neutered, he's such a drama queen) and when I first got him he did not trust me at all and got away with all kinds of stuff (I was intimidated by him), until I decided to work hard at controlling the heck out of him. He is more easily controlled but is a very reactive dog. My 10 yo female is a King shepherd allergic to planet earth.
    I am agnostic and never was indoctrinated into a religion, altho my parents were Jewish. I tell those who bring up god that I'm non denominational hoping that keeps them busy thinking until I'm out of sight.
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