I recently read an article that covers the origins of religion. I was surprised to find that there was not one mention of religious experience as source or cause or even a factor in the creation of some religions. If people today claim to experience God or some other spiritual occurrence, then why couldn't it have happened to our prehistoric ancestors? Instead this article characterizes religion as being a biocultural adaption, such as serving to promote cooperation, growth, and the stabilization of society (esp. when it comes to rituals and morality). I can agree that religion can satisfy all of these roles but I question why couldn't religious experience also play a role in forming religions.

For Debate:
Is it reasonable to believe that religion can be caused by religious/supernatural experience(s) or even the belief in them?
I believe that religious or supernatural experiences alone can start a religion. Take for instance Christianity, which is said to have started based off of belief in Jesus's resurrection. I'll also say that starting a religion based on a miraculous or spiritual experience doesn't make the religion true.
Perhaps religion is just a collection of activities and rituals that strengthens one's beliefs in whatever the group believes. I think that religion comes from a multitude of different factors. Joint spiritual experiences may be one, but for the people that has not had these experiences, it's the activities and rituals others it may be something else. No religion would take off if not enough people believe. The group feeds into the creation of a religion by providing confirmation of what's right and wrong according to the group.