Last year or so, a few GOP governors started sending buses full of migrants to cities in New York, Illinois, California. These cities are mostly run by Democrats. Here's a good summary:

A political tactic by the governors of Texas and Arizona to offload the problems caused by record levels of migration at the border is beginning to hit home in Washington, as hundreds of undocumented migrants arriving on the governors’ free bus rides each week increasingly tax the capital’s ability to provide emergency food and housing.

With no money and no family to receive them, the migrants are overwhelming immigrant nonprofits and other volunteer groups, with many ending up in homeless shelters or on park benches. Five buses arrived on a recent day, spilling young men and families with nowhere to go into the streets near the Capitol.

A vast majority of recent bus riders are Venezuelans fleeing their crisis-ridden country, and many have also been arriving in New York, often via Washington. A bus carrying about 50 migrants arrived in New York from Texas on Friday morning, the first sent directly to the city by the Texas governor.

Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, announced emergency measures on Monday to enable the city to quickly build additional shelter capacity. The mayor, also a Democrat, said the city had received 4,000 asylum seekers since May, fueling a 10 percent growth in the homeless population, with about 100 new arrivals each day.

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas and Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, both Republicans, blame President Biden for record numbers of migrants crossing the southern border.
Source: New York Times

This article is from late last year. To date, I believe this is still going on and getting worse. Here's a recent reporting:

What's your view on this story? Are the GOP governors in the wrong?
What's your view on this story? Are the GOP governors in the wrong?
I don't agree with the means that Republicans are using, but I do agree with the message they are sending in terms of immigration system needing to be fixed. Actually, both parties have played politics with this issue for decades. But now Biden is in charge so he now bares the responsibility to fix it or not make it worse, at the least.

Some seem to not want any asylees to come into the country at all, especially if they are from third world countries. That's extreme, if not bigoted. However, allowing everyone to come in without considering our available resources is also extreme.
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