Anyone familiar with the radio show Coast to Coast AM? I used to listen to it a lot when I worked night shift over some years ago.

Common topics covered were about the paranormal, UFOs, conspiracy theories, out-of-body experiences, science fictions, the Nephilim, and plenty of other interesting topics that you would want to listen to at night. The site is here, but I'll also leave a list of some of my favorite episodes:

Show about Cryptids (like werewolves, bigfoot, etc.)

Show about the Hollow Earth where supposedly there is an advanced civilization living underground w/ a man-made Sun:

Show on astral projection:

I was listening to a lot of this stuff when I was a Christian. Now that I'm not, a lot of it is just entertainment to me, or something that piques my curiosity.
Here's a Coast to Coast AM show that was the host and a guest talk about cryptids (like Mothman, Bigfoot, etc.) in the United States.

1. An interview with a guest that talks about UFOs, secret tunnels and bases at Antartica (click on "watch on Youtube")...

2. Former Air Force one Engineer Documents over 3,000 "TicTac" UFOs and Reveals Next Class of UAPs
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