Open-minded Skeptic
Oct 1, 2020


Several new members have joined posting to the wrong areas. This may be because I have too many forum sections with overlapping topics. Even if they did so for other reasons, I still figured it would be good to cut down on the amount of forum sections I have.

Ideally, I want the main focus of the forum to be on topics that atheists, theists, agnostics, and other inquirers would want to focus on. I might have to trim down the Science section as well if I can integrate it into the Religious and Theism section.

For any topics that people want to discuss that are outside the main topics, like say geology, then I can make that part of an incentive program (e.g. first person to 500 posts creates their own subforum and moderate it).

I'll post the final changes here. It may involve either consolidating some sections or organizing the sections better (clear and easier to understand).
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