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  • REALLYY! An innocuous self-help effort is stymied by your mind's mediocrity. I had hopes for your website but this action and the inability to start a thread has caused me to bug off.
    That may seem harsh, but I'm actually more lenient than a lot of other forums. A lot of the popular forums, like religiousforums.com (scroll down to section on advertising), don't allow you to plug/promote your books and websites at all.

    On our forum, you actually can mention your books on your profile and in other areas of the forums if you follow the guidelines.
    Moderator comment: Posted by 2Dbunk1 elsewhere and moved here...

    I recently released a self-help book with a commentary on the utilization of Classic Philosophy; the psyche and philosophy are intertwined. It is a brief 50-page read and is available on Amazon and wherever new books are sold.
    Okay, but when I try to post a new thead all that comes up is: “Oops, something is wrong" with no hint of what to do next.
    Try refreshing and then reposting again. If it happens again, please let me know the exact time and section you were trying to post in and I can find it easier that way.
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