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Nov 23, 2021
Around February, Trump had said Congress should not pass the Immigration bill because it helps his campaign to keep the issue alive!

What if Biden had said, We’re going to solve it. We’re going to solve it right now. We’re going to negotiate and hash out a bill we can all live with. And then we’re going to move forward.

In addition . . .

“Two undocumented Venezuelan men have been charged with capital murder in the killing this month of a 12-year-old girl in Houston, the latest case to underscore the pivotal role immigration continues to play in US politics . . . ”

[ The girl’s name is Jocelyn Nungaray. I’m not going to repeat the name of the two suspects who should face a prompt trial, and if the evidence is there . . . huge boredom in prison and/or the death penalty.]



“That little girl would be alive today if Biden enforced immigration laws at the border,” GOP Gov. Greg Abbott said on X following the suspects’ arrests.



Trump . . . despite the fact similar crimes occurred during his time in office. He also pointed to the cases of two women who authorities say were killed in the past year by men who crossed into the country illegally: Georgia nursing student Laken Riley and Maryland mother Rachel Morin. . . ”


Yes, of course similar horrendous things happened during Trump’s 4 years. We’re a very large country.

But here’s where I refuse to give up and become pessimistic. If we can do the smart things and reduce some crimes by 20 %, that’s real people and real families.
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I think Immigration has to be a Grand Bargain of —

“Earned Amnesty” back of the line +

Guest Worker not tied to 1 Employer and / or Minimum Wage


Wait a minute, someone might say, “Earned Amnesty” is a contradiction in terms! If it’s earned, it’s not amnesty. Well, to me, that’s kind of the point. I embrace that tension.

And as far as guest worker . . .

Talk to farmers in the state of Georgia about their state being too successful a couple of years back in driving off immigrant workers. Although some of these were large agri-business who could afford to pay more.
From the thread title...

What if President Biden had declined the debate 2 days prior giving the excuse / valid reason of Immigration Reform ? ! ?​

The reason that I think President Biden is bad on immigration is because he acted too late and the issue was avoidable. It's also arguable that he's only offering some stricter immigration policy because it is an election year and he wants to appeal to a broader base of voters.

Here's what I think he should've done. If he was going to eliminate Trump's Remain in Mexico policy for asylum seekers, then he should've had something in place just in case massive numbers of people decide to come to the border because of the loosening of policy. For instance, the new policy that he introduced recently involving closing the border if numbers of asylum seekers get too high should've been implemented at the moment Trump's policy expired. Now we can say that the damage is already done when even some Blue states are complaining about being overwhelmed and having limited resources.

And to be fair, the immigration problem has been a problem for decades, even since Reagan. While Trump didn't fix immigration, but at least stopping the flow of large numbers of migrants and making it harder to enter illegally helped.


As for Biden delaying the debate, I don't think that would've helped at all because I believe his problem is cognitive and not viral. I think when he's highly motivated and pushed, he does good off of sheer will. I used to be a big fan of the guy.. liked him better even than President Obama, but sadly he's passed his time for him to even be in politics. I'd still open to voting for him because I only consider his cognitive problems as one setback. He does have some good policy. The one condition I wouldn't vote for him at all is if he wasn't able to think and talk at all.
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Here's a perspective from Chris Cuomo (used to host a show on CNN) where he says Biden is only not good at live speaking events where he has to come up with things right there and then (otherwise he's good when he can take his time?!). Interestingly, he also says that people are not voting for Biden for Biden, but rather voting for him just to vote against Trump. The same thing was said during the last election - regarding Trump being a big driver for Democrat voters because they want Trump to lose so badly.

(starting at 2:40 minute mark)
Here's a perspective from Chris Cuomo (used to host a show on CNN) where he says Biden is only not good at live speaking events where he has to come up with things right there and then (otherwise he's good when he can take his time?!).
I’m with you. I think what Chris Cuomo says misses the point.

It’s not just a “poor debate performance,” etc, etc. It’s a test. Does he have it to be president for the next 4 and a half years? Nope. Not really.

We can’t be confident of that.

We are reduced to hoping to get lucky.


John Bel Edwards

former Democratic Governor of Louisiana from 2016 to 2024.

If he announces Monday morning, the presidency would probably be his.

He and his family will be scrutinized and criticized. And of course it’s unfair.