The controversy continues...

Here's from The Inquirer:
She's been snubbed by the selection committee and beaten down by jealous WNBA peers. Women's basketball and women's sports are doing all they can to screw up the Caitlin Clark Phenomenon.

Women’s basketball and women’s sports in general have a hero in their midst. Neither cherishes her enough.

Caitlin Clark isn’t just a spunky, trash-talking rookie guard who plays for the Indiana Fever and, like Steph Curry, launches ICBMs with less conscience than the crazy brigadier general in Dr. Strangelove.

Through no contrivance of her own, she has become iconic. A female icon for the sporting world. An American icon for her country ... which she will not be allowed to represent.

Clark was not named to the U.S. Olympic women’s basketball team.

Here's some reporting from some people I watched on Youtube...
(Here's a view that's more moderate)

(Here's a view that argues for Caitlin being on the team)

(A perspective that says Caitlin was not snubbed.. start from 2:40 minute mark to 4:15):

For Discussion
Was Caitlin Clark snubbed from the Women's basketball Olympic team as the article explains?
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