1/16/2023 Edit for update:
I originally couldn't get the hyperlink part working without causing a problem with some other part of the site, but I think I've figured it out. I'm not an expert at customizing/coding. I've spent hours playing with so many different options.

As part of a reward for participation, I will start allowing members to create and manage their own usergroups. Usergroups on this forum will just be a way to display your affiliations (interests, beliefs, etc) and others can join your group. The usergroup comes with a custom-made badge that will show up on your profile and in the user information section of all your posts. (refer to the screenshots below)

Badges displayed in user profile:

Badges displayed in posts:

Requirements for creating a usergroup:
1. Members must have 200 or more posts (number of posts subject to increase as more members join).
2. PM me with the details on the usergroup name, usergroup description, and banner design (more on design options below). Remember that banners must comply with forum rules (i.e. no obscene or hateful names/labels)..also choose a username that's not already taken.
3. The text in the banner must be readable, especially since it will be hyperlinked. The link colors are blue or white. Tried experimenting with different colors text but it messed up other links on the site.
4. All selected designs, like color selections, are final!
5. There is a character count limit which I believe is 100. I was able to fit all of this into a banner, "Agnostic that doesn't care apathetic ag" (the url that I put around the user group title also counts as characters).

Design options
Members can now choose virtually any color design for their user group banner. Refer to Steve's post for standard color options or select your own custom color design. If you choose your own custom color(s), then I recommend seeing how the design will look with your color choice(s) before PMing me the details (i.e. the banner color values). Here's one site you can do that, W3s. Click on Try Frontend editor (Html/CSS/JS). Copy and paste code below into the editor window and it will create a box with a similar design to the banners I use on this forum:
<!DOCTYPE html>
a {background-color: red;
  color: white;
  padding: 14px 55px;
  text-align: center;
  text-decoration: none;
  display: inline-block;
  font-weight: bold;


<a href="default.asp" target="_blank">This is a link</a>


Then from there you can try out different colors by changing the color value for the "background-color". In the code above, the color value is "red". After typing in a color, just click run to view your design. To use a color gradient, just delete the entire line, background-color: red; and insert the following in its place, background: linear-gradient(enter color #1, color #2, color #3,...); . Here's an example on what you can do with color gradient, example

Usergroup Moderator
The member that creates the usergroup will also be its moderator. They will be able to add and remove members. Please only add members who consent to being in your usergroup. And of course, you don't have to add anyone if you don't want to, especially if you have conditions.

I could not find an add-on or mod program that covers banner design (and support for it) for my forum. I tried to experiment with using images (instead of the default banner design) and different color text but unfortunately it effected other parts of the site.

Some other limitations for usergroups is that members can only have a maximum of 5 badges on display (I might up it to 10 after seeing how it goes). Allowing a lot of badges to display in posts stretches the page and posts.
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Earlier I talked about creating a usergroup and but left out details on joining one. PM me or a usergroup moderator if you want to join a usergroup.
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- Fixed the hyperlinked banner issue (for the most part 😓) but still limited in hyperlink colors.
- Added a blue color link to banners that have a bright color. I don't want to blind anyone trying to read white font in a banner with a bright colored background.
- Not only can you create usergroups and moderate it, but also added information on joining any usergroup.
- Members can now choose virtually any color design for their user group banner. Refer to post #3 for some of the standard colors that you can choose or select your own custom color design.

I also edited the first post of this thread to reflect all of the upgrades that I've done.:cool:
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