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This section of the forum will host articles that are in line with the theme of the forum. The articles should offer an agnostic point-of- view on topics that are usually covered on this forum like on religion, science, or politics. At the bare minimum, these articles should be something that people would judge as being fair and balanced. Members can post their own article in this section after reaching a certain number of featured threads.

I will allow 5 members to post 1 article each in a given year. The first 2 members in a given year to have 10 featured threads will each be able to post 1 article. The other 3 members also need 10 featured articles in a given year, and they will be selected through a lottery process (or maybe even a voting process or both) that will take place at various times during the latter half of the year. Remember, even if selected, the articles must fit within the guidelines mentioned earlier, i.e. the agnostic pov, etc.

If any of the selected members decline to post an article, then other members will be selected to take their place.

More info. on featured threads can be found here.
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Oct 1, 2020


For members with articles in this section...
- Please post only one article per thread. You can add additional posts yo your thread, like if you want to add commentary, inform us of edits or updates, etc.

For all other members..
- If you have any questions or comments about an article, then you post it by starting a discussion in the Debate or Regular Discussion section. Be sure to include the article title and link in your discussion.
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