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Nov 23, 2021

Two twenty-something young women climb a hugely high abandoned TV tower. And get stuck at the top.

It’s a danger movie!

Starring Grace Caroline Currey, whose face we can see, and Virginia Gardner who is grabbing her hand.

Also from 2022, the movie Amsterdam arcs across the “businessmen’s plot” to overthrow FDR. And it stays medium close to the shoreline as far as being factually correct.

It is mainly a story about friendship.

And it has the great line in which one character says to the other, What’s this I heard that I supposedly “followed the wrong god home” ? ?

Starring —

Christian Bale (man in front)

Margot Robbie,

John David Washington,

and a small role by Taylor Swift.
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I would probably be more into the first one. Seems like an interesting storyline for a survival thriller. I would just hope it isn't more than 2 hours long. Usually when movies get that long and drawn out, it starts to turn dull with a bunch of scenes that seem extra and that the film can do without.
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