It's common nowadays to hear people say that you have to "live in the moment".

For Debate...
What does this mean?

Is it wise?

Does any religion have anything to say about this?
Yes, no, maybe :)

It’s good advice that, for example, the car breaking down on the vacation and calling for the tow truck may curiously end up being the high point of the whole vacation!

It’s riding the zen waves.

It’s allowing things to happen, rather than trying to force them. And in terms of leadership, it’s pulling rather than pushing, at least most of the time.

But it’s not good advice if it’s after-the-fact justification for people making unhealthy life choices. I’m thinking mainly of drugs and drinking.

And yes, I know human beings like to experiment with changes of consciousness. I’m actually pro-marijuana. And I’m kind of anti-alcohol.

And I know some people can be quite a bit more risk-accepting than I am. I just hope they can start getting out when they recognize they gotten in too deep.
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Yes, no, maybe
That sums up my thoughts!

I did not think of the positive aspect of "living in the moment". Honestly, I started the thread after a younger relative tried to justify a bad behavior. He said something to the effect, you only have one life, gotta live in the moment yada yada yada.

Another relative that smokes, I tried to tell them to think long term. You may not see the consequences now, but you will likely see it in the near future. Thinking long term (as opposed to living in the moment) in this case helps to reduce harmful behavior
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