I often hear a lot of women say that they are independent. This most likely is the response of a lot of women when it comes to not depending on a man for anything. It's in contrast to those women who are totally dependent on their man for financial support. I can see the problems with such an arrangement, like if the man gets up and leave then it could leave women in a tough spot unable to support herself. Or it could also be that men may start to let that power and position get to their head and they start using that to order the wife around, or even take her for granted.

However, I don't think women being independent is a good solution because women and men, especially in a marriage need each other. In other words, anyone could use a little help, an extra hand, extra support (mentally, financially, etc). And that goes for both men and women. This is why I think men and women, esp. in relationships should be interdependent on each other. That way, no one is 100% dependent, but they both support each other financially. And if both are rich, I'd even say it would be good to just find ways that you can lean on each other. Otherwise, I don't see a point in a relationship if you don't need anyone - just love yourself and create your own happiness.

For Discussion:
1. Does it harm women if they are INTERdependent on men as I described above?
2. Is it harmful that women strive to be independent in relationships?