How do you know that you know whether or not you are an insecure guy? Watch this episode and tell me how you feel:

What's covered is should women in a relationship go night clubbing and get drunk. Is it insecure or controlling for men to not want women to do those things?! If you're not bothered much by this or can have a conversation without getting into a feud with women on these topics, well I guess that's the first step. I'm just willing to bet that many women and men would have different responses to these issues and that's the part that can test either gender, especially guys.

Any reactions and suggestions welcomed!

Here's the main question...
Is it okay for women in relationships to still go to clubs and bars?

As a bonus here's even more questions where I think where lots of women and men would disagree and it tends to bring out insecurities:
Here are some other questions that tend to bring out insecurities in lots of guys:
1. Can men and women in relationships be good friends with someone of the opposite sex? I think lots of women would say yes compared to guys.
2. Is flirting okay even if you're in a relationship?
3. Is it wrong for women to wear sexy clothing that shows off their body?

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For starters, I admit to now knowing the question to a lot of these issues or at least there's no perfect answer. But I think one thing a secure guy would do in these situations is not get worked up and angry, but instead be willing to learn and find out what's good and reasonable. I think it would be controlling to tell women that they can't go out at all to have fun unless her man is always with her.
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Is it okay for women in relationships to still go to clubs and bars?
Okay, here's my take. It depends. From a male's standpoint, I can see why some men would not want their girlfriends or wives to go to a club or bar. A big reason is that clubs and bars are places where lots of women and men go to mingle and hook up. When there's lots of fun, drinks, and music going on, plenty of girls start acting slutty and guys act like dogs whether it be doing dirty dancing, guys getting touchy or just groping, etc.

BUT, I've also been on dates, mostly double dates, where we go to a club as a couple to dance, drink, and have fun among our group. If anyone is trashy drunk in our circle then at least we're having fun together and not hopping around with random people. The girls are only doing freaky/drunk things with their man.

So to get towards the answer, the reason I say that it depends is because it really depends on how your girl would act in those situations. To know that, you shouldn't just assume or just take her word for it, but actually go out to those places with her and see how she acts. Ideally, this should be found out even BEFORE you get serious with her. If your girlfriend or wife is acting drunk and loose, then I would take that as a red flag and wouldn't trust her going out to those places with her friends or by herself. Imagine if she's doing that in front of you how much more loose she'd be when you're not around. However, if you notice that your girl is not loose, and still has her head, and just having responsible fun, then I wouldn't mind her going out with her friends. I would question if she went by herself. The main thing is go out with your girlfriend and see how she would act and that should inform you on how you would answer the question in the OP.

Just my two cents. I'm open to changing. But funny thing is, some guys don't really know their girlfriends or how she'd act in situations but yet they assume that it would be for the worse.
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