I consider myself non-partisan in that I tend to not commit to any ideology, party, or group. The simple reason for that is that I haven't found any group's complete package of ideas (or even core ideas) that I can agree with 100%. In contrast, there are those that are very partisan and I kinda blame that on the polarized environment of politics. So this thread, will be for making a list of common responses I tend to encounter and then I'll offer my responses to them. I invite everyone else to list some of the common partisan views and your responses to them.

1. When I cite a source, a lot of people tend to look down on it when it comes from Fox News.

My response/perspective:
Every news network has a political bias, and some more than others.

2. How could you vote Republican, when they are racist against Black and Brown people? (I tend to get this response mostly from minorities)
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In the last election, I voted for one of the candidates that nobody expected to win, as a way of saying I didn't like either of the two main candidates. I voted in the lesser elections in a way I thought would help make neither party totally in control of the government; I don't think we need a lot of new laws. Can't keep track of all the old ones! :cool:

I guess I'm politically agnostic too. I have no idea what politicians are really thinking, or what they're really going to do if elected.
Oh, the other part of your subject.

There are a lot of hard-and-fast Republicans where I am, the kind who say things like that prominent Democrats should be shot, that there's some organization running the White House now, etc.; anyway, a lot of rather extreme Republicans where I am, and they are subscribing to a lot of conspiracy theories--I don't know why. It scares me a bit. Will they believe anything as long as it's not mainstream?
I can't prove that they're wrong, and I'll say so. I say that I prefer to trust the mainstream news outlets, the consensus of CBS, CNN, and NPR. That I've trusted them all my life and it's worked, and I see no reason to change.
2. How could you vote Republican, when they are racist against Black and Brown people? (I tend to get this response mostly from minorities)
My top two responses:
1. I don't completely agree with any party, so I'll always end up voting for something that includes things I don't agree with. The alternative is to not vote (if I were to only vote for someone that I agree with completely) and that would be impractical.

2. I don't want any one party running the government because then it will become harder to keep them from becoming extreme. Having a divided government helps keep each party in check (as both parties are more than willing to find problems and reveal scandals/fraud about the other side).

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