How to respond to common Partisan comments/responses


Open-minded Skeptic
Oct 1, 2020


I consider myself non-partisan in that I tend to not commit to any ideology, party, or group. The simple reason for that is that I haven't found any group's complete package of ideas (or even core ideas) that I can agree with 100%. In contrast, there are those that are very partisan and I kinda blame that on the polarized environment of politics. So this thread, will be for making a list of common responses I tend to encounter and then I'll offer my responses to them. I invite everyone else to list some of the common partisan views and your responses to them.

1. When I cite a source, a lot of people tend to look down on it when it comes from Fox News.

My response/perspective:
Every news network has a political bias, and some more than others.

2. How could you vote Republican, when they are racist against Black and Brown people. (I tend to get this response mostly from minorities).

My response/perspective:
Both parties have views that I disagree with so you're essentially choosing between 2 evil options. If you're a one issue voter, then vote Democrat based on that one reason. However, those who vote based on multiple issues, are not going to always limit themselves to one party, especially when that one party does not support all of the issues but the other party does. That would inevitably lead some voters to choose candidates from BOTH parties.

I'll add more or come up with better examples as I encounter them. Again, anyone is welcomed to contribute!