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This is the place for agnostics to interact with other agnostics on scientific topics. This is also a good place for readers who are looking for the agnostic perspective on a particular topic. Ideally, the members and discussions here should strongly reflect the themes of the forum (open-mindedness, non-partisan, and freethinking).

1. This section is for two types of agnostics:
- Agnostics who don't identify with the atheist nor theist label.
- Agnostic theists and agnostic atheists can also join but they must also identify with being a 'freethinker'. This type of agnosticism fits with Huxley's brand of agnosticism.
2. You need to be a part of the Agnostic usergroup to post here. Email or PM to add you to that usergroup.
3. Both debate and non-debate discussions are allowed. The author of a discussion should specify if the discussion will be debate or not in post #1.
4. All of the forum rules apply here when it comes to conduct, content, and debate.
5. Members can be removed by user group owner if he or she is deemed not to fit the requirements (e.g. by being highly partisan, highly close-minded, etc).
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