I figured I'd create a thread to discuss all of the biases and fallacies that I've encountered from others while discussing Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Biases/Fallacies list:
1. The West is always right. Criticizing the West means that you support Russia.
2. Russia will always be wrong.

Feel free to add more and let's come up with some good responses to this list of fallacious/biased thinking.
Here's one of my views from another forum which covers the first 2 views on the list:

Yes, Russia was wrong to invade Ukraine, BUT that doesn't mean that there's no room for criticism for the West. Being critical of the West does not mean that Russia was right. I haven't even seen anyone here claim that Russia was justified in invading Ukraine. What I've seen are some members criticizing the West when it comes to its hypocrisy. In fact, Ukraine itself has done some wrong in the midst of this invasion, starting with the mistreatment of their minorities. To only want to hear the good things that the West has done is biased. And to dismiss Russian claims a priori is also biased. It's also not practical if you expect to get along with them, which I assume we have to if we're not willing to take them out and they are a big player in the world.