In a previous thread, I explained that blockchain is a technology that is used to store digital information. Some of its highlights are that it is transparent and decentralized. One thing I've been exploring lately is the use of blockchain technology for gaming. I believe this will all help lead to the metaverse, similar to the events in the movie, Ready Player One. Here's some good info. about blockchain gaming...

Blockchain games (also called NFT games or crypto-game) are a type of video game with features that make use of blockchain technology that is based on cryptography. In this, blockchain functions are usually used within these types of games in order to supply cryptocurrency, also known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), that players can purchase, sell, and trade, giving the game’s owner a portion of each transaction as a way of earning income.

In certain instances, the games that use blockchain are used to be known as play-to-earn or play-to-win games that have players earning enough money to pay for their expenses living.

In the majority of blockchain games, the concept of play-to-earn is employed, allowing players to earn money for playing games and also participating in game-based economies that allow gamers to buy and sell game-related items.

Contrary to traditional game ideas like free-to-play games with the purchase of games or pay-to-play games, Blockchain-based games offer players total the ability to control their online assets.

  • It allows the real ownership of the in-game assets – Blockchain services lets the game’s assets be held outside of games, too, in a secure and transparent method. Digital ownership in the original form is one of the basic principles of gaming that is supported by blockchain as it allows gamers to exchange valuable goods and gain from their successes.
  • It allows players to control their favorite games – The majority of games that revolve around blockchains are community-controlled and decentralized, which means that the users are the ones who determine future upgrades, features, and the general direction for the program.

One crypto gaming company is called Gala. Here's a trailer of what their company is up to here.
One cental idea of blockchain gaming is to make it so that people can make a living off of playing games. This is not too far off from the movie, Ready Player One, where you have a metaverse (a virtual reality Universe where you can do virtually anything, esp. gaming), and it has its own economy and you can live off of it in real life.

Here's a list of blockchain games that involve play-to-earn:

And keeping in mind that play-to-earn games are just starting to emerge, you can expect there to be a lot of failures before any success. Here's a video on that:
A top 10 list of blockchain games coming out in 2023: