I believe Swami from DebatingChristianity.com site is also the same person as Swami V. Ananda from our site. I was hoping that Swami or anyone else could explain what this means:

To even begin to know what's real, scientists need to first discover the origin and nature of consciousness and Universe.
From DC website, post #5

I assume that this is part of some religious or spiritual philosophy which is why i posted it in the theism/religion section.

For Debate:
1. How or what does the nature of consciousness have to do with what's real?
Please watch this insightful video as it will answer your question
You should mention the relevant points from the video instead of just posting it.

I want to explore your claim that you've made here and elsewhere that understanding consciousness is important to understanding reality. In another thread on DebatingChristianity.com, you also stated that understanding consciousness has some bearing on science, even. I'm not claiming you're wrong but I'd like to find out more about your view. Why do you believe it? What evidence do you have? Etc.
How or what does the nature of consciousness have to do with what's real?
Let us take a step back.

How do you know anything? Some may say, through the senses, others may say it is through reason, but ultimately the faculty that is present in both is awareness. Scientists today have not been able to explain the origin and nature of consciousness, and the biggest error in my view is that they don't even think it is important. This was the purpose of the video I posted. If consciousness is our most important tool, then it should be the most important thing that we can know about.

Where Western scientists have failed to discover its importance, Eastern thinkers have been taken it very seriously for thousands of years. Eastern thinkers and mystics leave us with the knowledge that consciousness is not only fundamental to self but also fundamental to the Universe. Also, only consciousness is real while the objects in our consciousness are an illusion. They only exist within consciousness just as in a dream.

If their observations are correct, then this means that Western materialist science is looking for answers to the big questions in the wrong place. The origin and nature of the Universe can not be found by exploring matter, but instead it must be found by studying consciousness.