For debate:
Does CNN offer objective and balanced news coverage?
I would say no because CNN obviously has an agenda which is more than just being against Republicans, but also being Anti-Trump. Let's take news coverage of the January 6 events. All pro-Trump supporters are called terrorists despite the fact that not all supporters entered the Capitol. CNN was so careful not to paint all BLM members the same way, but we don't find this nuance in reporting when it is about Right-wing groups.

Also, CNN replays video from Trump's January 6 speech, and not once do they play the part where Trump talks about marching to the Capitol "peacefully". Why leave that part out, unless you're trying to reinforce an agenda. News networks should not have political and/or personal agendas. Maybe now with Trump out of the picture, CNN will go back to being more moderate instead of being an extreme left-wing news organization. Or can they at least advertise being a news channel that's tailored for Democrats? I'd at least watch it just to have that perspective, and then I can use Fox News for the Republican perspective.
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