I found a very good non-partisan take on the partisan coverage of Caitlin Clark. Finding this was a breath of fresh air as Mina Kimes's exposes the partisanship and bias that is going on in both sides, the anti-Caitlin side and the pro-Caitlin side. She said this on Pablo Torre show,
It seems perfectly calibrated to piss off everybody because there are so many things that are true at once. If you’re like me, and you get that For You Page (on X/Twitter), it’s not even just like here’s the clip. I’m being fed outrage on both sides.. And whoever you are, if your consumption of that is not just the clip or whatever, or the entire game, but rather a tweet saying, ‘Look at these thugs.’ Or conversely, a tweet saying, ‘Oh, everyone’s gonna protect this (expletive) white girl, whatever.’ Of course, you’re going to be inflamed.
Source: https://awfulannouncing.com/meadowlark/mina-kimes-caitlin-clark-pablo-torre-finds-out.html

Here's a clip of Mina giving this analysis:

The full show where Mina made this analysis - on Pablo Torre's show (watch from 0:00 to 27:00 minute marks):
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