I wanted to start a series of threads that captures the agnostic perspective on a range of social and political issues. So let's start here with transgenderism.

If you are an agnostic or independent, then please feel free to offer your view.
Ideally, I try to make sure my views on transgender are consistent with what the scientific evidence says about that population. However, I tend to be a moderate when it comes to any public and medical policy that stem from those findings unless the policy is also supported with verifiable evidence. I tend to be moderate in matters of public policy because I really don't like to experiment with society in any large way unless I know where something will lead. I'd want it to be implemented in small steps, and then proceed from there based on the outcomes. I also like to be informed by what religion has to say about the matter because religion plays a large role in our social structure, but ultimately without any justifying evidence or logic, I'd remain agnostic from a moral standpoint.

Okay, that's enough prefacing. Now let's get to the real details.

I accept that the transgender identity is a product of biology and environment (source: APA). Based on medical expertise, I don't have any problem with someone transitioning to another sex to help deal with gender dysphoria. Eventhough I am for gender affirming surgery under certain conditions, but I would still not be for a trans person being identified or treated differently than their biological sex in all cases, like when it creates a risk and/or disadvantage to others. For instance, I am against allowing a trans female compete in women's sports if or when that creates a disadvantage for women (i.e. ciswomen). I think it would also be bad if a trans woman did not notify their partner of their biological sex because that gets into sexual orientation and the ability to reproduce (can't happen with a trans woman and male combination), among other things. Those that advocate for trans people to be treated as the gender they identify with in all cases usually dodge these issues.

That's it for now.
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