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Nov 23, 2021

“ . . The ruling clarified the distinction between de jure and de facto segregation, confirming that segregation was allowed if it was not considered an explicit policy of each school district. In particular, the Court held that the school systems were not responsible for desegregation across district lines unless it could be shown that they had each deliberately engaged in . . ”


And therefore, we’re not going to do it. We’re just going to stick with the status quo.

Now someone might say, Hey Lemur, you’re thinking more as a business person by trying to figure out alternate ways of achieving the same goal. To that one, I’ll plead guilty. Because someone has to! :D

But it is a real shame.

We the United States of America largely abandoned the goal of having equal schools. Or at least substantially equal schools.
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This decision was announced on July 25, 1974, which I think is late for wrapping up a Supreme Court term.

And maybe that was part of the cause. Even though the Supreme Court can one hundred percent defer a case to the next term and has done so, apparently they don’t like to. And people, in general, like to finish their work.
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The movie Airport '75 came out in October 1974.

Yes, it's the movie in which both the pilot and co-pilot are incapacitated, and the stewardess lands the plane. A role gloriously by Karen Black.

PS on second thought, I think Karen flew the plane for a while. And then, Charlton Heston was lowered by cable into the cockpit and landed the plane. It's a fun romp.


Just having a little fun and illustrating how long ago 1974 was.
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Survey from 2003 and 2004 —


“ . . Eighty-nine percent [89%] of whites are either very (54%) or somewhat (35%) satisfied with their educations. This compares with 78% of blacks who are satisfied, of which, 48% are very satisfied. . ”


These are phenomenally good numbers! :)

Yes, white citizens at 89% are 11 points higher than black citizens at 78%. But ahead of time, I would not have guessed that any sub-section, even white kids in the suburbs from upper middle-class homes, would have as high a number as 78%.

Even if that number does divide into “very” and “somewhat” satisfied.


Equal Educational Opportunities for
White Children and Black Children in the Country?

by Race
January-March 2004​

This one clearly needs some work.


“ . . For results based on the sample of 219 blacks, one can say with 95% confidence that the margin of sampling error is ±7 percentage points. . ”

Okay, a little thin. And plus or minus 7% is bigger than I would have expected. But still, it’s a somewhat in-depth discussion with 219 black citizens.
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