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    My insight.

    Who or what is God? Under my view, God is not limited a person, a force, but rather God is fundamental reality. Therefore, seeking God is simply seeking the source of everything. I like this definition because it is no different than what scientists are looking for. Scientists would also...
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    Atheism can not provide lasting happiness

    One shortcoming of the atheistic point -of-view is that it can not provide real happiness. Real happiness is pure happiness. The non spiritual and the atheist looks for happiness in "things" or associate it with things. When I compare different cultures, I see that those in the West require...
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    Introduction to Advaita Vedanta - nonduality spirituality

    Introduction to Advaita Vedanta. Swami Tadatmananda walks you through Nonduality spirituality from ancient India to modern-day. "Advaita Vedanta refers to the non-dualistic school of Hindu philosophy, which is derived mostly from the Upanishads and elaborated in detail by eminent scholars like...
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    The Evil of materialism

    The danger of materialism is that it does not empower the subject. Under materialism you are a zombie with no free-will. Consciousness is nothing but an epiphenomenon. Western scientists that are tolerant of religion and Eastern thought will acknowledge the power of consciousness and mind over...
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    Unable to post

    I have not been able to reply in the Theism section. Everytime I try to submit a post I receive a security error message. Please let me know when I can post again.