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  1. MarkD

    What views are compatible with agnosticism?

    One often finds Christians online who want to argue that agnosticism is and must be distinct from and logically incompatible with atheism. Likewise one rarely finds Christians online who will allow that they hold their religious belief on faith but confess they could be mistaken regarding the...
  2. MarkD

    What is "belief"?

    In the past I would have said a belief is (or should be) something one has reason to think is true. But now, after studying Iain McGilchrist's book The Master and His Emissary, that seems too narrow. Beliefs can arise on the basis of commitments as much as as on an examination of the facts (as...
  3. MarkD

    First post

    Nothing special. Just looking to find my way around here. I’m a non-observing agnostic. (Yeah, that was a joke.) I’m not a member of any religion or spiritual group but the question of what role god belief may have played in becoming as we are is of interest to me. Most of what you hear...