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    Temporary limiting my role because of covid

    Get well soon my friend! Praying for you.😇
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    Featured Another School shooting at a Texas elementary school

    Thank you, I read you guys posts here and there. I saw the full press conference and it was disgraceful. There has to be accountability.
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    Featured Are racial dating preferences a form of racism?

    Wow!. A lot of passionate conversation here. I don't believe that someone should exclude dating someone because of their race. A person's character matters the most.
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    Featured Another School shooting at a Texas elementary school

    I feel for the parents of these kids having to go through the loss. We send our kids to school as part of our routine, never imagining that they won't come back alive for whatever reason. Here in Florida we have red flag laws that allows law enforcement to take away the guns of those who...
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    Are racial dating preferences a form of racism?

    A friend of mine is obsessed with Hispanic men. She likes them tall, tan, and handsome. We discussed if that was racist in any way.
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    Vaccine Mandates gets support from the US Supreme Court... Wow!

    It is a good ruling and long overdue. I really think a federal mandate is coming. My coworkers tell me that their hospitals are doing clinical trials for therapeutic drugs so we will see how that works out. Pfizer is working on some antiviral treatments. PFIZER’S NOVEL COVID-19 ORAL ANTIVIRAL...
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    Should we meet in the Metaverse?

    This is a great idea! Ready Player One. My kids would enjoy being home schooled in a virtual reality environment. How is work, ABoy?
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    Forum update: Added a new Dark Theme

    It looks very good! I like the blue accent.
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    Is Christianity sexist?

    Butch-femme lesbian relationships are very common actually. I don't see the problem with this passage. Paul brings up women teaching others. It is hard to believe that he would have not noticed the conflict between saying to remain silent and to teach others. Paul talks about women...
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    Was Jesus a real person or a myth?

    Dr. Eben Alexander is what you meant!
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    Is Christianity sexist?

    This appears as a contradiction if you don't look into the cultural context. Paul's instruction to Timothy was meant to address specific issues with the Church that Timothy was in charge of. It was not meant to be a universal guideline for all Churches to follow. There are examples of women...
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    Is Christianity sexist?

    Here is how this topic was explained to me. Yes, men have a leadership role in the marriage and that's because God wants there to be an order to things just as parents are over their children or a general is over his troops. This already happens naturally because relationships will often...
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    Is Christianity sexist?

    God never said that women are inferior. I have not found anything in the Church's official teachings that says that women are inferior. Of course you will find many passages and Christians of the past that thought otherwise but that was due to the culture of the time. I can go into this...
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    Featured Non-binary or Genderqueer?

    I completely agree Mark. Some Christians may be quick to judge but there are no easy answers here. This matter requires a lot of support and compassion. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is on a child to have to go through a journey to figure out their gender. The pressure from...
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    Featured Non-binary or Genderqueer?

    The Church treats the transgender crowd differently when they are not hermaphrodites. If it is clear that you are a biological male or female from birth then that it what the person should stick with.
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    Should parents be in charge of their kids education?

    If it is not the parents then who gets to decide? Our kids should be be indoctrinated whether it be with skepticism against religious belief or with other social matters.
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    Featured Non-binary or Genderqueer?

    Hi and welcome back! :) Same here. I used to discuss theological topics but ever since Covid-19 hit, my life has been mostly work. I admit I misunderstood the topic. I thought it was about transgender. I'm a Christian and I can say that the Church acknowledges that someone can be born as...
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    Featured Non-binary or Genderqueer?

    1) No. A big role of the genders is to procreate. Trans men can not impregnate women neither can trans women get pregnant. 2) You should not have to. I can see law makers trying to eventually make it into a law. Our kids should also not have to be taught about gender outside of science...
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    Gabby Petito, 22 y/o female, now Missing.

    Updates for those following the case: 1. Celebrity bounty hunters and crime solvers have joined the search for Brian. 2. Reports of activity on Brian's social media. Did he accidentally go live on his Instagram?
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    Gabby Petito, 22 y/o female, now Missing.

    I apologize for the language. My frustrations just boiled over.