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  1. William

    Does the Scientific Community suppress Humanity?

    “A great many men and women have a dull hurt angry sense of being oppressed by the sciences. They are frustrated by the endless scientific boasting. They suspect that the scientific community holds them in contempt. They are right to feel this way.” David Berlinski - The Devil's Delusion...
  2. William

    Will I Am

    Greetings Why am I here? I became a member of this forum because it gives me the opportunity to examine the position of Agnosticism and currently consider my position an Agnostic-Theist-non Religionist. I have been an active member of a Christian debate forum for many years and joined that...
  3. William

    Message Generation

    Hi. I would like to share something which I find fascinating and would like some agnostic input into the system I use to generate messages as I share these in this thread. I would like to discuss the scientific value in terms of both subjectivity and objectivity to do with the way in which the...